Blue Lab is based on the concepts of open innovation, creating platforms, global expansion, and an agile management style.

ž - Open innovation refers to flexibly collaborating or engaging in business partnerships with players in other industries

ž - We create platforms that are structured to provide shared benefits for all participants

ž - We aim to co-create value on a global basis

ž - Our agile management style enables us to think while on the move

We create next-generation business models through the adoption of new technology and a broad perspective encompassing not only finance but a range of industries and business fields. We are aiming to become Japan’s most formidable business incubator.

We create business models by combining different underlying technologies.


We utilize blockchain technology to optimize and increase the efficiency of trade finance and supply chain business.


We develop new services for the Internet of Things (IoT) by using various APIs.

We also develop secure payment platforms for IoT-connected devices.

Big Data and AI

We utilize big data and AI technologies to optimize credit, trading, and marketing operations, and channel these applications into cost reduction or the creation of new services.

Digital Money

We aim to contribute to the creation of a cashless society by providing digital money-based payment and money transfer services which are highly convenient for both businesses and users.